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The Paul Benavidez Art Exhibit

  Artist Paul Benevidas   Paul Benavidez Exhibit 110530    

"A Professional Gifted Artist In The New Art City"

This is the fine ART titled  Unequal Wealth Distribution (UWD).

The Unequal Wealth Distribution (UWD) was a visual culture project where weekly group discussions took place to examine the ramifications and nature of UWD in America and in the world. The overwhelming conclusion of the discussion group confirmed that UWD is the antithesis of synergism. Synergism is the cornerstone of life. All systems including technology use synergism. The question is begged: why does UWD exist in civilization when it does not use such a vital ingredient for life, which is synergism?


The UWD discussion group would argue that the existence of UWD has occurred throughout civilization and is linked to war. War is about hegemony of resources and likewise UWD hinges on war in that wealth and power are acquired through war in a variety of direct and indirect ways. The discussion group overwhelmingly adheres to the non-killing and non-war theory.

The theory is derived from anthropological and archeological research and is driving current thought about the true nature of humans. Curiously, war does not show up in the archeological record until the advent of civilization 12,500 years ago. Up until that time, which represents 90% of our existence on the planet, the theory shows that humans were egalitarian and cooperative. The theory also states that evolution did not select for killing of our kind. In these terms, concentration of wealth is supported by war and war is supported by UWD.            

            The UWD discussion group is not professing or recommending any particular political, social, or systemic change. It is only asking the question to everyone who will listen: Why is UWD a social model, how is it linked to war and how does this model affect our species? The UWD formula is 1% of our population equals 50% of the wealth of the nation, (rounded off).  A cursory look at this model or paradigm shows that its peculiar nature doesn’t exist anywhere else in life. Imagine the UWD formula of (1% = 50% of 100%).   If we look at the state of the world today we clearly see that there is an imbalance in our species if we consider world hunger, lack of health care, war, poverty, etc., the result of a non-synergistic system. We can see the effects of UWD in these terms and that UWD is harming not only the human species, but all life. The UWD discussion group has come to the conclusion that UWD has stunted the development of the human race and it is harming our ecology. UWD is  unnatural, non-synergistic and harmful in our view. The UWD exhibit aimed to express various aspects of UWD, war, synergy egalitarianism, feminism, non-killing and capitalism.

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