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In Remembrance... Carla Boykin

Our Beloved Board Of Director & Executive Secretary

Carla Boykin Board Member   Carla Boykin- Secretary Of The Board Of Directors:  was with our organization from the beginning in 2009. She was all- out volunteer in many different areas. She handled tickets & donations and supplies and gave approval for our board meeting minutes with her authoritative signature. She loved helping the next younger generation of kids for our cause.

IN REMEMBRANCE: August 31, 1946- October 3, 2016 "We will miss you, Carla."


"A Saint Pierre Memoir" by Director of Music And Art For Youth and Concert Art Shows, feeling the loss of a wonderful friend and board member, Carla Boykin. Dear God, guide and bless her on celestial travel to the other side. I visited her at 11:30am on Monday, the day she passed away. I brought her a small living green plant from our board members. Bedside, I believe that she could hear me but she could not speak to me. I reminded her about our fun times just days ago. To celebrate her last birthday, we went to the Canyon Club Concert, and then, a Starbucks lunch, near her home. As I said my final good-bye, I gave a brief kiss on the forehead. I thanked her for all the years of good works she did, in helping our kids. She loved them.

Often times we have mixed emotions in the time of old age. For some of us, it is the choicest season of our life. From the summit of elder age, flashes the reminder that the fire of youth is gone. Maybe this should NOT be a time of denial, but rather a more real flame of acceptance.

Pain sometimes comes to break the calm in the twilight of our age. However, there may be strength to make our voyage perfect, even in weakness. Our patience hopefully bears up under all of it. Just like the OLD SEA CAPTAIN feeling the balmier air on his mariner cheek, he nears the shore of his MORTALITY & IMMORTALITY. There are fewer waves as he approaches the familiar harbor. No more ruffles of BIG WAVES of the sea. Celestial gales have BLOWN ALL OVER our life. And now the quietness reigns; deep, still and solemn; THE VOYAGE IS ENDING soon.

Our life's experience is gathered in a rare appearance of memory flashbacks; EVEN our collective thoughts of what we might have done differently. In this re-past of our last worldly evening, our soul prepares itself for FINAL REST. For some are NOT forgetful of that incredible shining eventide light about to appear. MANY OF OLD AGE are reaching out for a new landing. Others look toward a happier place to abide & reside. A RARE DEMOGRAPHOIC have enjoyed their earthly days as heaven upon earth. Angels have visited a few, I am told. Others say flowers of paradise are growing somewhere else for us to enjoy; with music filling the air. Some of us dwell here for years WONDERING. Still, others come to that same wonder, just a few hours before their departure. But finally, it's time to recline in the shady grove of rest. PEACE WITH A SETTING SUN in the sky. Splendor in tinges of glorious surrounding clouds of fire as we SET OUR HEAD DOWN, in humility and tranquility.

CAN WE ENJOY the hour of death? What unbelief laments the unknown? Will you SEE THE SHADOWS FALL when the darkest night is coming? EXISTENCE as you know it; is ENDING. Ah yes! Will I cry in faith? Do I even realize that the night is far spent? Is another kind of true day at hand? Light is come... Darkness is come... Is it the light and knowledge of MORTALITY or IMMORTALITY? Should I now gather up my feet in my bed? Will I see the SPIRITS? Farewell, beloved one, you are gone... My mind's eye sees you waving your hand bye-bye; checking out the light as you enter some pearly open gate, on golden streets shining. I cover my eyes, but now YOU KNOW the unseen, as we have not yet.

In Remembrance of Carla Boykin...

August 31, 1946- October 3, 2016 at 6:40 pm

To be remembered. <>< ☆ ><> "At evening time it shall be light." — Zechariah 14:7


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Saint Pierre: Director & Chairman Of The Board: is a community volunteer. His life is dedicated to helping the next generation of young & gifted needy kids to become skilled, professional visual artists & performing artists. With a diverse array of experience in event planning, music, performance, production, and business organization skills. Within the scope of the non- profit, he coordinates TV shows, Top Best Bands List, Fund Raising events, Fund Raising Day Trips for donors, and administrates everyday business operations, and web site design.

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