The video “Flowers Are Red” explains, in my opinion, how imagination

 isn’t accepted in some places. When I watched the video I thought about how sad it was that the teacher wouldn’t let the poor boy use his imagination.  All art is a gift because it comes from very deep inside someone, and for someone to show me that is the ultimate gift.  And if someone doesn’t approve of that, dislikes that, or even hates that, it’s just cruel and wrong.  I also believe that art is imagination and imagination is art.   



Art is what I believe. Art is what I love. Art is what I accept. Art is what I’ve learned. Art is what I need. Art is life. Art is music. Art is beauty. Art is acceptance. Art is what YOU make it.

Art is what we make it and the people make it.


No one can change art. Art is its own thing, art isn’t what someone wants it to be, art is what art chooses to be.

 YES, that is what I just said and for those who disagree, you know what, you believe the untruth: that’s your choice, not mine. Your loss.